What is Google Ads Trueview? Guide to Youtube Video Marketing 2020


In this article I will be covering the following:

  • What is Google Ads Trueview
  • Common objectives that TrueView fits.
  • Audience Targetting & Content Placement.
  • Launching a Google Ads Trueview Google Campaign.
  • Google Ads Trueview Campaign Optimization Tips & Tricks.

What is Google Ads Trueview?

TrueView video ads are a new format of reaching and targeting audiences directly on YouTube with video-based content.

google trueview

Common objectives that TrueView fits:

  • Product/Brand consideration: Display ads for Google Shopping, mobile apps, products, services or general buying consideration.
  • Brand awareness and reach: Great for businesses looking to increase the audience size that they reach for building brand awareness.


google trueview types
  • In-stream ads are shown just before, or during another video from a YouTuber who monetizes their content.
  • These are best used for either brand awareness or direct selling.
google trueview discovery ads
  • Discovery ads let you show your video ads in YouTube search results, the homepage, or on the watch page on currently viewed videos.
  • All of these ad formats are great for building brand awareness or driving sales.


Audience targeting with TrueView is dynamic, just like the search and display networks

You can target by:

  • In-market groups
  • Affinity groups
  • Demographics (age, household income, parental status, gender)

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Where do your ads get shown? It depends on:

  • Topics: General topics you want to showcase your ads on
  • Keywords: Specific keywords you want to target in the search results
  • Placements: Locations you pick, including search results, homepage and more.
targeting in google ads trueview

Launching a Google Ads Trueview Campaign – Basics

  • Video ads must be uploaded to your Business YouTube channel.
  • Create a TrueView campaign by selecting the “Video” format.
  • Have a specific objective in mind: brand awareness or conversions.
  • Connect your ecommerce platform to AdWords to sell with an online store.
  • Standard campaign settings like bidding and scheduling are customizable.
  • Be sure to customize the devices you run ads on, as TrueView displays ads on both.
  • Desktop and Mobile/Tablet devices.

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Google Ads Trueview Campaign Optimization Tips & Tricks

TrueView in-stream video ads

  • To increase your unique reach, focus on optimizing for average CPV and use negative remarketing to reach a new audience that hasn’t seen your ad.
  • Develop a content strategy to ensure you’re offering compelling creative to engage users and draw in subscribers.
  • Include a strong call-to-action if you want users to engage with your ads. This can be included as an annotation over the video, or as the message of the ad itself as a teaser for your channel.
  • Evaluate your creatives for improvements and consider developing more than one ad to determine which one performs better.
  • Evaluate your targeting to determine whether your scope is too narrow and missing out on a valuable audience or driving up your costs by going after a very small niche.
trueview setup

TrueView in-display video ads

  • Identify the right contexts in which to show your ads. Look for keywords that someone could be searching for and other types of videos on which your ad would be relevant or useful.
  • Check on placement performance and remove low-performing inventory and placements.
  • Use an engaging thumbnail and descriptive text. Choose bright, compelling, and in-focus images at a resolution of 640px x 260px min. (16:9 aspect ratio). Optimize the image and text separately.
  • Don’t expect the same CPV as TrueView in-stream, test to find the best balance between costs and performance.
  • Run both formats if possible, TrueView in-display performs better when TrueView instream is active.

These ways you can run your Google ads Trueview campaigns.

Share your thoughts on how you are managing your Google Ads TrueView Campaign. Share the targeting and optimization strategy’s below in the comments.