In This Article, you will discover an infographic which introduces the way of brainstorming designs.

Designing a perfect visual representation requires proper ideation & research upon the topic.

Gathering data from the web, books, other relevant inspirations converting those into small pieces of visual components.

Design thinking is a way of making great designs and clients happy.

So the question is how design thinking works?

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

The ABC Of Design
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Design thinking requires 8 golden principles, Those are

#1. Meet & Learn

We meet and learn about your business, your purpose in creating visual content and set goals for the project.

#2. Conduct Research

We hit the books, scour the internet, interview the professionals and more to learn about the industry.

#3. Sketch Out Ideas

Sketching out the idea, making rough prototypes helps to brainstorm the visual content more add-ons.

#4. Create Variation of Concepts

We take our concepts and push them out, we develop a variety of concepts.

#5 Present Concepts for Feedback

We present those concepts to you, taking feedback, doing follow up, changing the designs as required and revise.

#6. Delivery & Launch

Once everything about the design is approved. We deliver the design contents with different formats.

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Now in this era of the digital world gradient masking, minimalist ratio, material design flow, geometric representations are making designs viral.

But the core values (The ABC of Design) are performing the UX long-lasting and sometimes permanent.

With eye-catching designs, typography and color distribution is playing a big role. Fonts can speak. Color can sing.

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