We have been using Google Search for quite a long time now. Now it has come to a point that we are using Google services for our daily activities, source of an income, entertainment and discovery. Through all this time we have felt united by the knowledge that has been provided by Google and its many other platforms. So as to say, Google has launched another type of Search Engine, Dataset Search.

Dataset Search is completely dedicated to search for databases on the web for scientific transparency on the web.

It has been so said that scientists know by general were to find there specific information on the web. They don’t use Google to perform that searches.

The Scientific world is extremely fragmented.

Thus, Dataset Search aims to unify tens of thousands of different repositories for datasets online.

Dataset Search by Google - A Search Engine to Unite the Fragmented World of Online Datasets - Google Dataset Search
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To reflect back on, Google Dataset Search can be compared to that of Google Scholar. Google’s most popular search engine for academic studies and reports.

Universities and governments those who publish their data online, are needed to add metadata tags in their web pages that describe the data, who published the data, when was it published, how it was created and much more.

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This information is then indexed by Dataset Search and is combined with data from Google Knowledge Graph(Actually those are the name of Sitelinks that appear on the common searches). So if DATASET1 was published by US Govt, some info about the US Govt Dept will also be there.

Dataset Search Focuses On

The Beta release of Dataset Search will cover the following types of datasets:

  • Environmental Science
  • Social Science
  • Government Data
  • News Organisations

In the last couple of years, online repositories have increased exponentially. This is only because of the increasing importance of data in the scientific literature.

dataset search results page

When Google is taking charge of bringing the Datasets to the Googlers, then the success of the project becomes prominent.

It is said that Google will be publishing a Dataset on how Dataset Search gets used. Search engines works the best when there are a huge number of users to provide data on what they are doing.

Google accounts how users interact with Google Search platforms, what terms they use and how are they able to express them on Search Engine.

Share your thoughts on this matter. How Dataset Search is future ready to unite the fragmented world of online datasets.