Which SEO Techniques are you using to rank on Google? Share them in the comments below so that we can have a look into which SEO Techniques are working out the better.

Google wants to deliver its users the most relevant and high-quality results. As a consequence, your mission should be the same.

So as to, they came up with a new search engine, Dataset Search Engine just to increase the relevancy for some very specific searches occurring in the web.

Google’s E-A-T Criteria is a complete focus on the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust of a website. These updates ensure that every business stands a fair chance to showcase itself as a brand on Google SERP’s.

google it

Google ranks a page by calculating 200 ranking factors ranging from On-Page to Off-Page SEO factors. These ranking factors are very important and might hurt the website if not implemented correctly.

Top Ranking Factors for 2019 to keep in mind

  • Content
    • Content Quality: Content generally is referred to as the representation of the information that the webpage is all about. Content must be good enough to provide value to its users as they are searching for it.
    • Content-Length: There is no information to which points out that there is an optimal count for the length of the content to achieve higher rankings. But to our amazement, Niel Patel found that there is a correlation between content length and top Google position.

  • Freshness – The freshness algorithm which was launched back in 2010 offers great traction for providing fresh and quality content to its searchers search terms. It is having a significant impact in the last couple of years. Google seems to be somewhat biased to new content as it prioritizes it and makes sure that at least some of the SERP features are up to date results. It is seen that old articles of big publishers are getting a significant amount of more traffic after they have updated their old content. Thus freshness of the content remains one of the most important of Google algorithms.
google freshness update
  • Backlinks – Backlinks are one of the most important ways of gaining SEO juices from other websites. These do-follow backlinks provide a huge boost to the SEO of the webpage that is linking to your webpage. The more links you have from multiple high-authority domains, the better your chances are to rank well for top keywords. Online marketers should pay close attention to their backlink profiles, especially given recent updates such as “Penguin 4.0”, which cleaned and filtered sites with low-quality backlink profiles.
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  • Mobile First – On November 4, 2016, Google announced mobile-first indexing. This update means that compatibility of the website with mobile affects the search rankings. As the current usage of mobile browsing is picking up the trend. It is necessary for developers to pay more attention to the mobile version of the website. It provides a better user experience. Google mobile-first indexing approach is already changing results in the mobile searches. Especially, when it comes to local searches.
  • Page-Speed – With the implementation of mobile-first indexing it was noticed that page speed became a very important factor in the search rankings. Websites with slow page loading speed will find hard to rank in the search results. Google’s motive is to provide the best of user experience with the implementation of these updates.
  • Schema – Local SEO is very important for websites, especially for small businesses. Schema is one of the most important ranking factors, as it helps get higher rankings on the Google SERP. Schema markup code helps search engines get a better understanding of specific texts such as addresses, phone numbers, recipes, reviews and more. It is important for local businesses, implement a site-wide schema code which can be highly beneficial. For example, it is important to make sure you tell Google where your business is located by implementing a correct schema code.
  • HTTPS – As of August 2014, HTTPS is one of the important ranking signals. As it was published by Google, on Official Google Webmasters Central Blog. It is highly recommended that you use HTTPS for your website to avoid any mishaps in the future from Google.

“Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption by default. That means that people using Search, Gmail and Google Drive, for example, automatically have a secure connection to Google”

All the above factors, serve a very important role in ranking a website in the Google SERP.

You must account for implementing or tweaking your SEO strategies if you want to tweak your websites ranking signals.

To rank on the first page is very important, as 75% of users don’t go past the first page.

These ranking signals will surely boost your organic traffic. But adding to this there are 19 more SEO techniques which you can use to optimize your traffic from Google.

A Complete SEO Audit of Your Website

Auditing your website can be very important for you. As you might discover what is beneath the hood. The results might shock you A LOT!!!

If you know how to do an SEO audit, then you can save a lot of money for yourself.

In other words, SEO audit is quite important because it is one of the growth hacking technique which helps you in making future SEO decisions at ease.

An SEO audit means you are closely examining your overall site performance, setting new goals based on what you find, and implementing tactics to reach those goals.

This process helps you increase your profits by making the best use of the content you already have.

This may not look like an advanced SEO technique but its a vital one.

You will be surprised how many websites are lacking basic SEO requirements.

Keep in mind the following points while doing a website audit –

  • Is all your website pages equipped with SEO titles and meta-description?
  • Does each page of your website is optimized for SEO Focus Keywords?
  • Are your websites URL structure optimized for search engines?

The URL structure should be very easy to read, short and simple for the search engine to let the Google bot know what the page is related to. Here is an example:

What would happen if the URL looked like this

Which one is better? I guess the first one. Even for a human eye, the second URL is quite a bit complicated.

As long as the URL’s are considered, simple works better.

Are the pages and the blog formatted correctly?

What is meant by formatted properly?

  • Using 2-3 sentences per paragraph?
  • Bolding or italicizing important points?
  • Broken-Up with headings and subheadings[h1 and h2 tags]
  • Optimized with a call to action
  • Do all your images have alt-text?
  • Are you using links in your content? If not, then you should. Linking your content with relevant information that you have written either for internal linking and linking to other websites contents for external linking.

Learn What Your Users are Searching for

Google has two aspects of its business. Platform to show organic search results to their daily searchers.

Meanwhile, brands and marketers also leverage their Google Ads platform to show their ads of the respective brands on the top of the search page results or anywhere on the page.

Google is highly focused on improving its search results daily, in order to increase relevancy for their searchers.

You need to focus on what your target customers want. When you understand what they want, you can develop content that draws them in.

Paying close attention to the feedback of your customers helps you to curate and generate content accordingly.

Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages

A landing page plays a very important role in customer interaction with your website. It can help in your lead generation as well as can be optimized for sales.

No Of Landing Pages = More gateway for Incoming Traffic

There are many brands and businesses those who still fail to leverage the importance of Landing Pages.

SEO researcher firm MarketingSherpa accounts that about 44% of B2B search clicks direct the users to their homepage, not their landing page.

Sure, the homepage is important for brands and businesses. But, the landing page helps in forming a strong relationship from the start.

Key Points to focus on a Landing Page:

  • No Navigation, as your objective is to make users stay on that page.
  • Useful and informative content for which you want the rank.
  • A Clear Call-to-Action[what will the customer gain by obliging to the CTA]

For Example:

landing page

As in this Landing Page, you can see that Search Engine Journal is providing detailed information about their webinar that they are going to host.

Along with that, they have kept the form so concise that interested can get started with filling up the form right away.

The anatomy of the landing page is very well described by Charlesngo. Look at the anatomy of the landing page in the image below:

landing page

So, what are the numbers telling you:

  1. Catchy Title – To grasp your reader’s attention.
  2. Secondary Headline – Helps the reader to have an understanding of what the page is all about.
  3. Description – For the reader to have a brief knowledge of what he is reading about.
  4. Testimonials – To boost the trust factor of your webpage.
  5. Call To Action – To drive conversions. This really helps to get into the mind of the reader and encourage him to convert.
  6. Button – In this case its a button, but it can be a form also. This helps you in converting the reader for your objective, for which the landing page has been created.
  7. Links – This helps you in sending the reader to different parts of the website. In this case, it can be your category pages, blogs, social media pages and even to your homepage.
  8. Image – The image tries to catch the readers attention until the very end. As it is large in size and is covering most of the landing page, it is for sure that wherever the reader is looking, the image will be in his eyesight.
  9. Spaces – There should equal spaces from both sides of the pane if not, then you should get it done equal. The main reason for this, as it looks very unprofessional and untidy.

So as to summarize this, we often say that “Content is King”, its true!

But it will fail if the design is not up to the mark!

Mobile-Friendly Website is a Must : Golden SEO Technique

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. It can be from mobile or desktop. As we now know, that Google is also focusing on Voice Search.

It is estimated that among 5 people 3 people used the voice search feature. And most of these searches are on mobile devices.

So on 21st April 2015, Google rolled out a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm(known as Mobilegeddon) among Search Engine Land. These updates account for how your website is being displayed across mobile devices. As we have witnessed how smartphone usage increased over a period of time.

So it may be the case for a few scenarios, that you may be ranking on the first page for a particular term on a desktop search but not for mobile search.

Why is that?

Because for the whole new algorithm that Google accounts for while ranking a page for mobile-friendliness.

Why Mobile SEO has such importance in SEO Techniques?

Mobile is driving presale searches

Google’s research shows that:

  • Mobile searches for product reviews have increased by 35% over two years
  • People have spent the equivalent of 50,000 years of watch time looking at video reviews
  • Mobile searches including the word “best” have grown by 80% over two years

Mobile SEO Affects Voice Search

Mobile optimization will also help you future-proof your SEO strategy. That’s because voice search is becoming huge, mirroring the rise of mobile search.

These days, voice search isn’t just on smartphones and tablets, but on home assistant devices like Amazon’s Echo, which means people will be able to find well-optimized content from anywhere.

And, using mobile SEO to optimize for voice search now could provide a competitive advantage, as 62% of businesses aren’t doing this yet.

How to Check Mobile-Friendliness of Your Website?

You can check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not by a simple tool that is provided by Google.

Click here to run the test for your website.

After clicking the link type your URL into the search box, click Run Test, and you’ll soon have a report showing whether your page is mobile-friendly or not.

mobile friendly test

All these factors account for the SEO Techniques to bring up the ranking of your pages on Google.

Share your SEO Techniques, in the comments below, that you have implemented irrespective of the results that you have got.

I will be making a complete SEO Techniques checklist in the near future to help you have a better understanding of SEO.

Meanwhile, share your experience with the blog in the comments below.